Changing our attitude towards money


Money. Most of us never seem to have enough of it. We blame rising house prices. We blame the tax-man. We blame the cost of living. We blame our boss for not giving us that pay increase. But what if creating financial abundance was as simple as changing our attitude towards money?

Simone Milasas is an internationally recognised business mentor and motivational speaker who now helps people free themselves from debt. Over two-thirds of Australian households have some form of debt and Simone believes much of this has to do with poverty mentality, which is a way of thinking that focuses on lack.

“When you’re at a party, sooner or later you’ll hear someone bring up their mortgage or the bills they have to pay. The next person will join in, talking about their credit card debt. You never hear someone say ‘Oh, I’m great. I’ve got lots of money’. You never hear someone say that their credit card has been paid off and they are debt-free.

“We are all buying into the mindset of lack. We are all accepting that debt is a way of life – that it’s something we have to put up with with. But what if it didn’t have to be our reality at all?” Simone said.

When Simone met the founder of Access Consciousness™, Gary Douglas, she was in more than $187,000 worth of debt. He asked her why she was choosing a path of poverty. It wasn’t until she began paying off her debt that Simone realised how much her mindset had been part of the problem.

“I had been trying to get myself out of debt and when I finally did I remember sitting in my office looking at my bank account and seeing money sitting in it. There was part of me that thought – ‘Where are the fireworks? Why isn’t someone throwing me a party? So this is it?’ Two weeks later I was back in debt. Why was I more comfortable being in debt than being debt-free? I think it was because part of me didn’t feel worthy of abundance,” she said.

Here are some tips to help shift attitudes surrounding money:

  • Try not to use language that perpetuates lack such as “I wish I could afford that” or “I’d do that if I had money” or “If only I didn’t have this mortgage”
  • Try to associate with people who are financially successful
  • Focus on what you do have – be grateful for the good things in your life
  • Remind yourself that you are capable of manifesting huge amounts of wealth
  • Don’t feel guilty for wanting to be rich!


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