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Where to buy your beauty products – are we paying too much in Australia?


Australia has been revealed as one of the most expensive places to buy beauty products and beauty services according to a worldwide survey by a Latin American internet shopping company,

The Linio 2017 Beauty Price Index, compared the cost of several in-demand beauty products and services across 50 countries and reveal that Australia has an overall ranking of 45.  According to the list, if you’re buying hair dye, perfume, eyeshaddow or cosmetic surgery proceedures in Australia, you’ll be paying some of the highest prices in the world.

Australia’s ranking (against 50 other countries – 1 being cheapest, 50 being most expensive)

The cost of beauty products and services in Australia compared to 50 other countries.

Australia’s ranking against 50 other countries for the cost of beauty products and services.

So where is the cheapest place to buy beauty products?

Clustered at the top of the Index were several Asian and Latin American countries, with Vietnam as the overall most affordable country for beauty products and services. At the other end of the scale were regions with high costs of living, including Northern Europe, Australia, and the USA. Venezuela was found as the most expensive country overall, due to the country’s inflation crisis and the conversion from the Venezuelan bolívar to the US dollar. Ironically, around 10 years ago, Caracas, contained the highest number of beauty parlours per capita in the world.

The most affordable countries are:
countries with the most affordable beauty products






Where to get the best priced services and products:

  •  Mani-Pedi (US$4.00) Colombia
  • Egypt offers the least expensive Eyebrow Wax ($1.93), Women’s Haircut ($5.25), Brazilian Wax ($5.81), Men’s Haircut ($2.49)
  •  Lipstick ($14.36), India
  • Foundation ($15.42), Vietnam
  • Anti-Aging Cream ($22.81), South Africa
  •  Eye Shadow ($2.45), The UAE
  • Perfume ($48.55), The USA
  • Mascara ($4.32), Thailand


The most expensive countries

Countries with the most expensive beauty products and services by rank

Countries with the most expensive beauty products and services by rank







The full results of the ranking can be found on’s results page here:

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