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BOREDOM is a gift not to be underestimated; it inspires us to eventually make change.

Some of the best advice I received as a young mother with two boys on school holidays was from a wise 80-year-old aunt. When in exasperation I asked her how I was going to keep my sons entertained over the holidays as they often complained when they got BORED she simply responded…

“Well you must allow them to get to the point when they’re BORED of being BORED. Do not rescue them from it you will do them a disservice! They will then learn to become more resourceful and creative thinkers as it’s our job as human beings to know how to keep ourselves entertained, not anyone else’s.”

Two decades later I still utilize her advice.

When I hear clients in my Emotional Fitness training sessions complain of BOREDOM at work, home, with friends or themselves I remind them to move their focus away from putting the responsibility for entertaining stimulus onto other people, places and things.

It has been said that BOREDOM does not come from being physically together with the same person for too long, rather from being apart from them intellectually and spiritually for too long!

Let’s remember that our comfort zone is a resting place like a transit lounge at an airport. It’s great to stop for a bit and catch our breath, but BORING as hell if we stay there too long.

BOREDOM is a sign it is time to make a move and leave our comfort zone to embrace our life’s next adventurous journey waiting for us in our growth zone!

Another suggested tip as the cure for BOREDOM is curiosity! Those amongst us who are not curious about anything are in danger of becoming the snoring BORING.

So today it’s worth asking ourselves that age ol’ question …

“What’s new pussycat?”

What is our heart going to be a little more curious about today?

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Cynthia is the bestselling Author, Blogger, Lecturer and Founder of the multi award-winning Emotional Fitness Program. Since 1995 she has helped nearly 30,000 Australians – from the leaders of commerce and industry, indigenous communities, elite athletes and teens - improve their emotional health and well-being. Her extraordinary work has been recognized with an Australian of the Year Award (Qld. Local Hero Category 2005), The Prime Ministers Award of Excellence Award, and The Pride of Australia Medal.

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