Don’t be shy about screening for bowel cancer!


Nick Lee lost his wife to bowel cancer in 2010 and created the Jodi Lee Foundation to help raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer.

As Nick says in this video, “Bowels. We’ve all got them!” so let’s not be shy and ensure that we and our loved ones (especially those over 50) are adding bowel cancer screening to their health checklists.  Click here to find out how easy it is to get your simple at-home screening kit sent to you.

Nick also explains how a healthy diet and lifestyle can greatly reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer – things like avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight range, exercising regularly and eating healthy food can not only help, but also contribute to your overall health.

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About Nick Lee

Nick Lee’s career took a major change in direction following the death of his wife Jodi from bowel cancer in 2010. Having witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of bowel cancer, he made the brave decision to use his experience for the greater good and do all he could to stop this happening to others.

Leaving his role as a Director of a multi-national consumer goods company (Unilever), Nick set up The Jodi Lee Foundation to promote the prevention of bowel cancer in Australia. His aim was to inspire others to take a simple bowel screening test and make positive choices to improve their health.

Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world and, while 90% of cases can be prevented or successfully treated if detected early, it remains the second most common cause of cancer related death. Nick launched The Jodi Lee Foundation to help raise awareness of the issue and educate people about the importance of bowel screening for early detection.

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