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Our hearts growth is stunted when we focus on someone else’s lessons rather than our own.

It takes a disciplined heart to remember we are not powerless victims of the world outside us and to cease finger pointing BLAME. Ultimately we are responsible for how we respond to our hearts challenges.

A helpful tip when reviewing past relationship breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs is to remember that ‘good’ days gift us with happiness, ‘bad’ days gifts us with emotional experience and really super ‘shitty’ days in hindsight gift us with life lessons.

Being willing to remember that the only thing BLAME does is attempt to shift the focus of responsibility from us when we feel emotionally overwhelmed, and erode our self respect … is easier said than done.  It’s easy to forget we’re empowered adults when old fears are triggered.

When it comes to managing the issue of BLAME a gentler reminder I use myself and with emotional fitness clients is to deliberately go within (stop and close my eyes) and take a slow, deep breath.   If a ‘bad’ or super ‘shitty’ moment arises we need more than ever to remember to do this emotional breathing workout instead of being seduced by the shortcut of BLAME.  It takes an emotionally fit heart  to remember to take the higher road and claim our power so we don’t compromise our self respect and respect from others.

One day at a time, one emotional hurdle at a time is the best approach to BLAME detoxing.  BLAME and the word “should” are laced up together, so deleting “shoulds” also helps us shake off the shame that comes hand in hand with the habit of BLAME.

Lots and lots of  love from my heart to yours …Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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