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Fashion lore says that at a Chanel fashion show in 1994 a makeup artist wanted colour on the models’ hands so she painted each nail with a black marker. Afterwards said makeup artist asked for the colour to be replicated in a nail polish and voila Chanel’s iconic black-red nail polish ‘Rouge Noir’ was born. Fact or fiction, what is an undisputed fact is that Rouge Noire went on to become a world-wide sensation and over 20 years later remains one of Chanel’s most popular colours.

Fast forward to recent years and the world became a little more daring and black nail polish become THE beauty thing. Since then trend colours come and gone but black nail polish remains a fav colour of the fashion set and celebrities.

I’m often asked if an over 40 woman can wear black nail polish in every day life and I say ‘absolutely!’. If you love a modern and polished look (excuse the pun) then beauty’s most dark and daring colour is for you. If you would love to try black but are a little beauty cautious, start by adding a slick of glossy black polish to your nails for glamourous evening soirées.

Pish posh to those who say black nail colour is only for the young and join the ranks of over-40 celebrities such as Sandra Bullock (in red gown at top of pic), Naomi Watts (in silver lace), Julianne Moore (pairing jade green with black nails) and the ever-beautiful Kylie Minogue and paint your nails, and the town, black.

Here are some tips when applying dark nail polish:

  • There are different types of shades and finishes. Shades range from a true black to charcoal and grey. Finishes range from glossy, satin and matte. Do a little homework and find the right shade and finish for you.
  • Well manicured nails are of the utmost importance for dark nail polish
  • Ensure to apply a base coat for better application and avoid staining
  • Dark polish is heavily pigmented so apply thin layers
  • Allow plenty of time between coats
  • Before applying swipe brush against sides of polish to remove excess polish
  • Start in the middle and work to the sides
  • Clean any spills or over-strokes with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover or a polish corrector pen
  • Always finish with a top coat
  • Chipped nail polish is one of the biggest beauty blunders, especially dark nail polish. Remove immediately when chipping occurs

Beauty Info, left to right: Chanel Le Vernis in ‘Black Satin’ $41,é London ‘Twilight Shimmer’ Paint Pot $18 at; OPI Onyx $19.95,; Essie ‘Licorice’ $16.95 and Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish $4.99,


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