My biggest fear with Airbnb hosting was never realised


Leaving your house and inviting strangers to use it might feel a little daunting the first time you use Airbnb.

But Sandy Bruns says all of her guests have been very respectful and she attributes to the relationship she establishes with them from the initial booking enquiry.

“I was so fearful that my house was going to be destroyed and it wasn’t at all,” Sandy said.

“It was perfect and 99 times out of 100 it will be.”

In this next video Sandy talks about the types of guests she has had.

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Airbnb says the key to keeping your guests happy is simple.

Below is their six tips for what guests want.

  1. Be clear about the location

Travelers don’t need to know an exact address right away, but they need to know what the address means to their trip.

 2. Be clear about carparking

Travelers coming into town will often be arriving by car. If you have a parking space available, this is a big plus, particularly in big cities, so be sure to include this in your listing. If there’s only street parking, is it free? Easy?

3. Prepare your guest for local noises

Sounds you never notice may not be what guests expect. Guests should know that garbage trucks come at 5am or that the upstairs neighbor has hardwood floors and kids that wear clogs. Your rural farmhouse might provide the ultimate in peace and quiet…until the roosters start crowing at the break of dawn.

Being up-front about the noises in and around your home also gives you a chance to say what you’ve done to solve the problem—new windows, ear plugs, chicken dinners.

4. Provide help and instructions for appliances

Not all countries have the same heating system or hot water system. If someone is coming from overseas, they may need to know that hot water takes a full hour to heat up after you flip a switch. A fan may be enough for you, but others may long for air conditioning.

If you have more than one remote control for your TV, DVD player, amplifier, etc., you’re lucky if even you know how to use them all. Your shared library of classic movies won’t provide a moment of entertainment to a guest if they can’t turn on the TV.

5. Be clear about the amenities

It’s easy to gloss over things you live with every day, but guests want to know exactly what to expect. If a listing says it has a washer and dryer, but neglects to mention that it’s shared with 20 other apartments, a traveler might feel disappointed. If you have WiFi that works everywhere except in the guest room, a simple “WiFi” in your listing doesn’t suffice.

6. Provide an accurate sense of size & layout

Photos can be deceiving. Using a wide-angle lens is quite useful to capture more of a room in one photo, but it can also make a space appear to be much larger than it is in real life. If the house is small, just say it. Choosing words carefully to describe the size of a place sets better expectations before arrival, so no one enters a tiny studio expecting a spacious flat.

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