Dwayne Martens on dealing with negativity


In today’s clip, Deborah shares with Dwayne that her observation of him, is that he is a very positive person – so how does he deal with negativity.  Dwayne explains his definition of absolute freedom is to give himself permission to experience his emotions … so when he feels sad or happy he allows himself to be completely open and honest with himself about how he is feeling in these moments.  Dwayne tells how his intention is to create and manifest and to do good and empower others and the best way he knows to do this is to believe.  “What I can tell you is over these last 8 years I haven’t lost myself and I’ve enjoyed the journey, and whatever happens within the future of my existence, I’m going to [continue] to enjoy it; I’m going to feel it for everything it is”

About Dwayne
Dwayne is the CEO and founder of Amazonia, a company that has epitomised the health movement in Australia and abroad. This multi-million dollar, multi-national company was built on the vision by Dwayne and his team. Very unique to his space, Dwayne and his team have reshaped an industry and brought a dynamic, young innovative twist to a relatively stock standard industry. Driven by an ethical ‘Shine Brighter’ philosophy, Dwayne and his team have achieved some remarkable feats. Now preserving over 4,000 acres of Amazon rainforest, Dwayne has set up an industry that pays more financial income to keep trees standing, working with grower cooperatives in the Amazon, Ecuador, Thailand and South Africa. Amazonia directly preserve in excess of 10,000 acres through their fair trade and sustainable actions and affect in order of over 10,000 families abroad with wages far surpassing fair trade standards.

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