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We loved our chat with Amanda Gore last year who offered us some wonderful tips and tricks to bring joy back into our lives. We’re revisiting this interview as part of our ‘Balanced start to 2015’ series in the hope that you’ll be inspired to start the New Year on the right foot.

When it comes to matters of the heart and feelings, Amanda Gore, chief executive of the Joy Project, says we could all do a bit more work – not just women, but men too.

“Life is just not about about feeling good, life is about being good and feeling. And if you stop and think about it, almost everything that you’re doing revolves around becoming more conscious of how [you] actually feel as opposed to being numb,” she said.

In order to stop feeling numb, Amanda recommends the following technique that she calls, “the laundry chute”. To get started, you envision yourself at the top of your head and slowly travel down an imaginary laundry chute that travels straight into your heart. On the way down you will start to notice peaceful feelings surfacing because you are giving yourself permission to feel. Also, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with love because Amanda says during this technique, you can picture yourself and your loved ones inside your heart.

“I think if you do this technique, you will actually find balance,” Amanda says.

This technique is very similar to a guided meditation or visionary pathway.

“That divine place, the universe, love, whatever you like to call it, that place is in your heart and your heart is the portal,” she said.

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