A recipe for balance

Attributes of the Balanced woman


So many successful, incredible and intelligent women have shared their insights on finding balance. We found that besides achieving inspiring success in their field, these very different women share common attributes. Naturally, there is abundant confidence, determination, focus and tenacity – but the following wonderful attributes are relatable to anyone, from any walk of life.


Admitting their lives were NOT always balanced and occasionally chaotic.  Most admit achieving balance is an ongoing process. That sometimes it takes a tipping point to remind them to stop and reassess. Amanda Keller chose not to feel guilty about being a working mum. Kathy Lette talked frankly about the insecurities and boredom of being a new mother.

Accept that it’s ok to ask for help

They spoke about experiencing anxiety and depression, having the courage to seek counselling. That it’s ok to get help at home if that’s what you need to deal with a busy lifestyle.


Many spoke of learning to tune out the inner critic or doubter and listen to that inner voice reassuring you to be confident – write that book, go for that job, try that new venture.

“I discovered that I should listen to my inner voice. That I should trust myself. Don’t look to others for their version of what you should be, always look within” Lisa Wilkinson

Learn how to ignore the critics

Whether it’s an audience, the media or your manager, not letting criticism defeat your drive.

On discussing coping with public criticism, Jessica Rowe said “It’s easier said than done but why would I let someone who I don’t respect, or necessarily like or admire, determine either my life or how I deal with something. Why would I give them any power? They don’t deserve that.”


They had to learn how to deal with harsh criticism or being ruthlessly (and publicly) judged. The stress of a business plan failing. Facing your own mortality fighting a serious health crisis. Dealing with the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry. The focus and strength to carry on when things don’t go as planned.

“In my opinion, resilience comes through pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is not unique to you or me, or anybody out there. We all go through it, but that’s called life. It’s part of life and I don’t think we should try and push it away all the time but understand that’s where we learn and grow. And that’s where we build resilience.” Michelle Bridges

Keeping it real

Many high-profile personalities spoke about staying grounded. Tina Arena loves the simplicity of taking her kids to school and choosing fresh produce at the market. She doesn’t buy into being a ‘celebrity.’ Indira Naidoo admits she loves crocheting. Sonia Kruger revealed her guiltily pleasure in trash TV. Anna Bligh loves cooking and gardening. Many women hilariously reveal their how aging is affecting their bodies!

“There’s a part of me that really doesn’t give a shit anymore and that’s a good feeling” Judith Lucy

Knowing who you can count on

Surprisingly, many women spoke of the value of good girlfriends, ‘real’ friends. Family who love and support you when times are tough.

“You don’t learn from your life when it’s all cruisey, easy and fantastic. You only really learn life lessons when things are difficult. You realise what and who matters in your life, who’s around for you and who isn’t.” Jessica Rowe


Being humble and grateful for the opportunities they had, grateful for every day after beating cancer, being able to find their passion, for the support of loving family, the wisdom and perspective that comes with age. Grateful to be able to give back.

“You get to the age where you’re comfortable with what you know, no longer see drama or conflict as a challenge, as perhaps when you were younger.” Rebecca Gibney

Balance Team

This article was written by the brains trust of Balance . We are a talented team of writers and contributors with real life experience and a passion for finding balance.

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