Attention sleepyheads! 10 quick tips for a better quality sleep

  1. Sleep long enough every night to feel rested and alert the next day.
  2. Sleep deeply to let your brain waves slow and your body repair itself
  3. Sleep uninterrupted without tossing and turning or changing bedrooms because your partner snores. (see no. 10)
  4. Aim for seven to eight hours sleep, maintaining a bedtime schedule ie. beginning the same time each night.
  5. Keep your bedroom for sleep and intimacy. No phones, computers, TV or snacks allowed!
  6. Schedule exercise or gym workouts in the first half of the day. Despite making you feel tired, exercising in the evening can raise your heart rate and adrenaline level, making it harder to unwind and fall asleep.
  7. Late-night cravings? Steer clear from caffeine, heavy, spicy or sugary foods for four hours before bedtime.
  8. Set a last call for alcohol. While a glass of wine might make you feel more relaxed at first, it can keep you up later in the night.
  9. Don’t toss and turn because you can’t get to sleep. If you can’t sleep after 20 minutes, get up and try a relaxing activity like listening to soft music.
  10. Get help for snoring. There are intermediate methods to assist but if you or your partner are experiencing chronic snoring, investigate the possibility of a sleep study.

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