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Are you asking the right questions?


If you’re seeking clarity in your life, take a look at the questions you are asking yourself. The questions you ask determine the direction of your inquiry. One of the reasons people work with a coach is so that they can work with someone who is trained in the art of asking quality questions. The better the coach, the more insightful the questions.

Sometimes it just takes one question, the right question, to completely unravel a clients story, their assumptions about themselves, or what they thought they were going to do next.

The right question can literally change everything. So what questions are you asking yourself about your life?

Here are some to start with:

Are you living your life by design or by default?

What are your top three priorities for the next six months?

How do you want to feel in your life? Choose five words like creative, loved, free, joyful, seen. Are you feeling like that daily?

If you could give up one thing that was weighing you down, what would it be?

If you could have anything in the world right now, what would you ask for?

Who or what gives you positive energy?

What detracts from your energy?

What brings you joy that isn’t in your life right now?

Your daily existence is based on the questions you ask yourself. Make sure you are asking the right ones.


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Megan Dalla Camina

Megan Dalla-Camina is the best selling author of Getting Real About Having It All: Be your best, love your career and bring back your sparkle (Hay House). A former corporate executive, she is a business, creative and leadership strategist, and a coach, writer and speaker on women, leadership and wellbeing. Well known for her capacity to inspire and empower, while keeping it real, Megan helps people and businesses get to their essence with creativity and courage.

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