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You can’t keep a good French designer down.

After being unceremoniously let go from French fashion house Lanvin in 2015, celebrated designer Alber Elbaz has returned to fashion with a collaboration with American lifestyle brand of casual nylon bags, LeSportscac.

The collection features a series of nylon bags, backpacks and weekenders printed with Elbaz’ whimsical designs. Printed with words such as kiss and chic, and my favourite, a tote depicting dancing girls in voluminous dresses with the message like you look divine.

Of the collection Elbaz says “looking at the world, looking at all these women around the world, I saw that all they actually need is some lightness in life. Their life is sometimes getting a little too heavy—heavy duty—so why not go into a light bag story?” he says. “And there’s something really smart about LeSportsac: You have all the pockets, it’s very organized, but more than anything, it’s so light.”

The collection launches in stores and on on August 15, with an official party on September 5 during New York Fashion Week.

Known for his text prints, Elbaz says, “Words are an important thing for me because I think the world we’re living in today is such a world of visuals, and sometimes the whole visual world gets so chaotic that we need a little bit of words and stories. I always believe that stories last and the visual stays for a very short time and we go on, so I always put words.”

Well said Monsieur Elbaz.

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