Thinking about a mini-break? We are and it’s never been easier, here’s why..


Has the beginning of 2017 been fast and furious for you too? It’s hard to believe Easter is already looming but the good news is, that means it’s time for a mini-break!

Are you with me?

Instead of spending money on chocolates and dinners that are sure to ruin all the hard yard to get in shape (Deb’s leading the charge in our office losing 7kg!), we’ve decided to spend it on a quick trip away and recharge the batteries with some beach time!

And how easy is it to find somewhere to go thanks to Airbnb! Our founding manager Sonya Keenan, is a great believer in Airbnb because, not only does she have the freedom to find a new adventure,  she’ll also be earning income from her own Airbnb while she’s away – a paid holiday – you can’t get better than that!

Have you discovered Airbnb yet?

Here’s what Deb had to say about one of her recent Airbnb adventures..

Want to know how to set up your own Airbnb listing?

We recently completed a whole series of interviews recently with hosts about how to rent your property on this new social sharing network, the pitfalls, the worries and the upside.

You can check it out here…


We’ll be publishing some more interviews with Sandy this week, some local travel ideas and re-publishing clips from our special guests about their favourite travel spots.

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