What to expect from hosting on Airbnb


Airbnb is a new brand partner for Balance. Together, we are interested in exploring the idea of how to become an Airbnb host and use the service.

In this video we meet Sandy Bruns. Sandy is an Airbnb host with a Bronte property listing and we ask her what to expect as an Airbnb host.

Sandy previously owned well known cafes Swell and Bronte Cucina. She is now travelling and decided Airbnb would help with security and extra income.

“I thought I would be happy to have the house rented about 20% of the time… as it turns out it’s rented about 80% of the time,” Sandy said.


Do you have to have experience and is Airbnb secure?

In this segment of our interview, Sandy talks about the initial reservations she had about Airbnb and how the system works.

When you sign up for Airbnb hosting,  the company automatically puts in place a $1,000,000 AUD host guarantee and host protection insurance

The Host Guarantee protects your home and your stuff from accidental damage. Every host with a listing on Airbnb is eligible for coverage at no additional cost. You don’t have to do anything to sign up.
Host Protection Insurance is designed to protect you from liability in case your guests get hurt or cause property damage. It’s automatically included as part of your Airbnb account.
Airbnb require verified information from both hosts and guests, including phone numbers. After a trip, everyone gets a chance to write a review. Reviews keep guests accountable for treating hosts and their homes with respect.
Watch more from our interview with Sandy here…
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