Jenny Brockie on ageing with confidence and finding her voice


In this next set of videos, Jenny Brockie and Deborah talk about her early career as a cadet in the ABC newsroom, ageing with confidence and how she found her voice on SBS TV’s Insight program.

Jenny started her cadetship at the ABC and admits to being “totally terrified” at landing the highly coveted position.

“I thought I was a complete fraud, I thought they were going to find that out,” said Jenny.

“I came from a background where there wasn’t an expectation that I would do anything like that at all. My mum wanted me to have a nice safe job in a bank,” said Jenny.

“So I think I went in, not at all sure I was going to pull it off,” she said.

Jenny remarks that through age and experience she has gained self-acceptance and confidence in her abilities and talent.

“I’ve learnt not only what I think I’m quite good at, but I also know what I’m not so good at and I think that’s just as important,” said Jenny.

Finding her voice on Insight

Moving on from the topic of ageing with confidence and pursuing your passion, Deborah asks Jenny about the evolution of her journalistic style and how Insight grew into the highly successful format we see today.

Insight began as a magazine style show with occasional forum style episodes. Producers recognised Jenny’s strengths and the potential for an ongoing forum program telling Jenny, “you come alive when you’re in a room full of people.”

“I hadn’t even thought about it, so this was a classic case of good management, where you get somebody identifying a talent in someone, that they haven’t necessarily seen themselves,” said Jenny.

As for how Jenny developed her own style for presenting Insight….”It’s been trial and error.”

“I think I just found my own voice,” said Jenny.

To find out more about Insight and Jenny’s engaging style, watch the video above.

About Jenny Brockie

Jenny Brockie is one Australia’s most respected journalists, renowned for her skill and fairness. Jenny’s career has spanned television, radio, print and film and is well known for hosting SBS TV’s Insight where she facilitates an always lively and thought-provoking discussion on a wide range of topics. Her work as a television journalist and documentary filmmaker earned her a coveted Gold Walkley, two AFI Awards, a Logie, a Human Rights Award, two Law Society Awards and another Walkley. In 2006 and 2008, Jenny received a United Nations Association Media Peace award for her work on Insight.

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