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Lately I have been suffering from dry, itchy and puffy eyes largely due to the cold weather.

This prompted me, on a regular visit to my brow and beauty guru, Kristy Terriss from Raising The Brow, to ask her about a product that would help and the conversation turned to eye creams. I asked Kristy her thoughts on whether eye creams really work and worth the money.

“Well” she said “age is in the eyes”.

Kristy then told me it’s a question she is regularly asked and her answer is always the same – you choose specialty skincare products to target other areas such as your face, neck, hands and body so why would you skip such an important area where the skin is finer, more sensitive and prone to lines.

I must admit I’ve been an eye cream skeptic. I have hyper-sensitive skin and as a result need to keep my skincare as simple as possible. I’ve spent hours researching brands, products, ingredients and formulations that actually work and as result I have been on the side of the argument that eye creams are probably a marketing ploy – until my conversation with Kristy.

With her words “age is in the eyes” ringing in my ears, I decided to dig deeper and probe Kristy further on why I should be using an eye cream. As a result, her expert advice has made me rethink my approach to eye cream.

My skepticism has been derived from the so-called hype that a cream can reverse the ageing process. The fact is that no product can, however, perhaps like my other specialist skincare products, the benefits of an eye cream may just be what my skin needs now and in future.

If like me you are not currently using an eye cream, or have been considering adding it to your daily skin care regime, then perhaps my Q&A with Kristy may provide some information to help you decide:

Q: Do I Need An Eye Cream?

Yes, because that’s the area of the face that ages first. Additionally the eye area shows signs of ageing such as dark circles and puffiness that other areas of your face don’t.

Q: What’s the Difference Between a Moisturiser and an Eye Cream?

Eye creams are specifically formulated with the eye area in mind where the skin is finer and more delicate. Eye creams tend to be more gentle on this sensitive area whereas moisturisers, designed for thicker skin on other areas of the face, may be too strong and can cause irritation.

Q: When Should We Start to Use Eye Creams?

The earlier the better – that said it’s never too late. In addition to helping reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, eye cream helps protect from the damage caused by free radicals which float in the air.

Q: Are There Different Types of Eye Creams?

Yes, there eye creams and eye serums. Both help to hydrate the eye area and address dark circles, fine lines, crows feet, puffiness and restore elasticity to skin.

Q: What Type of Eye Cream Is Best For Me?

This is entirely a personal choice, however, as a general guide creams work best on drier skin and serums are best for oily skin. Serums are also usually best for sensitive skin.

Q: How Do I Choose An Eye Cream?

Make sure you find one with good active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B and peptides. The new generation of eye creams contain peptides which help to hydrate the eye area, relax lines and plump and smooth skin. There are many great products on the market, so it’s a matter of finding one that suits your need and budget.  I can highly recommend Synergie Skin Improveyes Day ($104, purchase at Raising The Brow) which is an anti-ageing serum containing green coffee extract which assists in fighting free radicals and pure hyaluronic acid that hydrates and nourishes the eye area.

Synergie Skin Improveyes Day, $104, Raising The Brow

Environ C-Quence Eye Gel, $98.99

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm, $87.50

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye, $100, Sephora

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