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Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Amanda is our bringer of joy.

She believes the heart and profit centre of every business is about how people think, and consequently, feel about themselves; and how they make others feel.

Amanda has an energy and vitality and joy that you can’t help being swept up in. As a result she has a huge following of loyal fans and business around the world. Amanda has been a special guest on Balance, a key note speaker at our events and a regular contributor.

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Cynthia Morton

Cynthia Morton, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Cynthia is our coach for the heart.

Cynthia’s story is about having courage against the odds, of finding love in your heart when the world only serves you pain and finding your feet when the ground keeps shifting underneath you.

A former drug addict, mother of two and widely respected addictions counsellor, Cynthia has a loyal following and has the uncanny ability to make you feel better just by being in the room. We are privileged to count Cynthia as one of our coaches.

The founder of Emotional Fitness, Cynthia brings us daily word vitamins to soothe our souls and has been a keynote speaker at our events.

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Dr Dain Heer

Dain Heer, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Dain is our prize fighter, they guy who has your back and truly believes in the power of being you.

A world renowned speaker, a healer and a facilitator for change, Dain is helping our community, break down the invisible barriers that bind them, leave behind their self-criticisms and labels to become all that they can possibly imagine.

Dain has appeared on chat shows around the world, has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers and is facilitator of the “Access Consciousness” Movement.  His mission is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged.

Dain is a regular contributor and guest on Balance and his life coaching program Rediscovering And Reinventing Being You is available on our online learning platform.

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Esma Versace

Esma Versace, Balance by Deborah HuttonEsma is our fashion champion and inspiration to dress with attitude.

She follows the latest style trends and celebrities to bring us news about how we can be #betterthanever and have #attitudenotage.

Every week she shares with us a look book, beauty and make-up tips inspired by celebrities and the fashion world.

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Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Jack Delosa is changing education and revolutionising business.

He is the founder of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage and has been named one of Australia’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30 twice by Dynamic Business Magazine & SmartCompany. and has created numerous successful businesses including MBE Education and The Entourage Beanstalk Factory.

Jack has created numerous successful businesses including MBE Education, The Entourage and Beanstalk Factory but he’s also had his share of failures. In the process Jack has nailed the recipe for business success and has shared his insight with us as a special guest on Balance but in helping us develop an online learning course Passion to Purpose for mature entrepreneurs. You can enrol Passion to Purpose at learn.balancebydeborahhutton.com.au

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Janet Muggivan

Janet Muggivan, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Janet is our secret fountain of youth.

Janet has over 35 years experience in the beauty industry, focusing on communications and consumer connections. She has represented brands such as Revlon, Almay, Mitchum (22+years), Sinful Colors, Ultraceuticals Skincare, Blistex Lipbalm, Delva Haircare and Nutrimetics to name a few.

Janet is the founder of Beauty Dossier, the first online makeup course dedicated to the 45+ woman, to help them navigate the confusion of the beauty industry, and break the beauty rut. elivering real, useful and flattering beauty advice,

Janet is a special guest and regular contributor to Balance providing real, useful and flattering beauty advice. The Balance community can get 15% off the course price when they sign up for Janet’s Beauty Dossier program.

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Katrina Cavanough

Katrina Cavanough, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Katrina is our spiritual guide for finding our inner wisdom.

A renowned author, speaker, clairvoyant medium, qualified therapist (BSW BSocSc) and social worker, Katrina first entered the public spotlight thanks to her appearance on Channel Seven’s 2011 physic series, The One.

With appearances on Sydney’s 2DayFM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show and also in New Idea, That’s Life, TV Week and many more, Katrina’s wisdom is always in high demand.

Katrina is a regular contributor to Balance and created Discovering Wisdom – an online learning program with Balance to help women discover and tap into their inner wisdom.

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Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Is our favourite nutritionist and foodie.

Founder of Supercharged Food and Nourished Life, Lee is a Holistic Food and Nutrition Coach (Adv. Cert. Food and Nutrition, a certified health and wellness coach and a qualified wholefoods chef.

Author of multiple cookbooks and an online course to help you “heal your gut”, Lee is a regular contributor and special guest on Balance. We share her favourite recipes and advice and are an affiliate for her courses and books.

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Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall Mitchell, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Lyndall is our cultivator of calm.

Australia’s go-to expert about wellness, Lyndall is a life coach, founder and CEO of Aurora Spa and Aurora Spa Rituals. Lyndall’s background in the health and wellness industry includes senior roles at the pioneering Australian Health Retreat, Camp Eden where she designed and delivered the optimum living program.

Lyndall is a regular contributor to Balance and has developed Master Classes of Wellness – an online learning program to help you get out of overwhelm and anxiety, and into a place of balance and peace of mind.

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Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Margie is our career champion and empowerment coach.

Margie’s mantra is to help women live brave, find the courage to follow their dreams and find a career they love. Named by Wall Street journal as an international authority on courageous action – in business, leadership and life, she is a certified master coach with a background in business and psychology.

Margie is a Forbes Columnist, bestselling author and sought-after speaker in both the US and Australia. We are so honoured to have Margie as a regular guest and contributor for Balance and promote her online learning programs and corporate events within our community.

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Megan Dalla-Camina

Megan Dalla-Camina, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Megan leading charge for women in leadership

As a strategist, coach, writer, speaker and researcher, and co-founder and author of Lead Like A Woman, Megan’s work is centered around helping women to rise, transforming leadership and creating positive organizational change.

Before becoming a thriving entrepreneur she spent two decades as a senior executive in global organizations such as GE, PwC and IBM and earned her Masters Degree in Business from MGSM with a focus on leadership and business strategy. She completed a second Masters Degree in Wellness from RMIT, with a major in Positive Psychology; and is a Doctoral Candidate in a US/European PhD program researching women, leadership and power.

Megan is a regular guest and contributor to Balance and we are proud to be an affiliate partner of her Career Toolkit and Lead Like A Woman transformational coaching programs.

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Michelle Hamer

Michelle Hamer, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Michelle is our resident tech guru.

She has over 30 years’ experience helping businesses realise the value of their investment in technology and started her career in technology as the first IBM personal computers were launched, working for Data#3 and then Perpetual Trustees Australia Limited.

In 1994 Michelle started her own business and, since then, has worked with a variety of local, national and international clients providing services including training on a variety of PC desktop applications and consultancy services in relation to the set-up of computer environments and development of technology strategies.

Michelle has her Masters in Education,  lectures at the University of the Sunshine Coast and manages her three businesses – Smart Advice, PC Smart and Smart Learning – using her iPad, Samsung smartphone and PC.

Michelle is a regular guest and contributor to Balance and has an online learning program to teach Microsoft office skills.

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Natalie Cook

Natalie Cook, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Natalie is our motivational guru.

This Five-time Olympian and gold medalist from the Sydney Games rarely needs an introduction. Her sporting achievements in her chosen sport of beach volleyball are known world-wide and she is an inspiration to girls and women alike.

Natalie has shared with us her secret recipe for success, her tool kit for staying motivated in a 30-day online learning course. Fun, engaging and cheeky, this course is essential for anyone who needs a pick me up and a yellow brick road to help them achieve their goal.

Natalie Cook has developed Motiv8 Me – an online life coaching program with Balance which gives you the tools and inspiration to achieve your dreams and stay motivated.

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Noni Boon

Noni Boon, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Noni Boon is a holistic wellbeing specialist, writer, international bestselling author, motivational speaker and graphic designer.

Noni is a woman who genuinely loves and cares for people. She feels a deep connection with her clients and is inspired by change and growth. She has had her fair share of struggles in life, forcing her to establish an inner strength that is now so entrenched that she has the ability to help others develop and grow.

Noni is co-host of the Pandora restaurant Fearless Women’s network and a regular contributor to Balance. She has an online life coaching program with Balance – SHARE, which covers her five principles for a balanced life.

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Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Sarah is our meditations and NLP expert.

Sarah Maxwell is a former professional athlete who discovered she had a special talent and passion for coaching and counselling.

Sarah represented Canada in the sport of beach volleyball and says being a professional athlete for 14 years allowed her to explore and experiment with her studies in science (Bachelor of Science Majoring in Psychology) and hone her own relationship skills.

When she retired from sport, Sarah supplemented her Neuroscience degree with a Master Practitioner level NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis, Energy Alignment and Speaker Level Training which started her corporate and relationship training business In The Game.

Sarah has developed the Mindshift Customized Guided Meditations – a series of meditation based on the principles of NLP that are available from our online learning platform.

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Dr Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Dr McKay is our resident expert in the science of the mind.

Sarah is a neuroscientist and writer, and the founder of Your Brain Health. As a PhD trained neuroscientist (not a doctor) Sarah has found her passion writing and talking about science and medicine. Her goal is to make neuroscience research simple and relevant to your everyday life.

Sarah is a regular contributor and guest on Balance.

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Shannah Kennedy

Shannah Kennedy, Balance by Deborah Hutton

Shannah is our de-cluttering expert.

An Advanced Certified Coach and NLP practitioner, Shannah is a leading Australian business and life coach and the author of the bestseller Simplify, Structure, Succeed.

Her background includes 10 years in the corporate world of sport working with over 100 of Australia’s elite athletes and coaches to master the art of finding this clarity and balance, while also challenging comfort zones, committing to relationships and having fun along the way.

Shannah is a regular guest and author of the Balance online life coaching program Simplify Your Life, which is an accompaniment to her best-selling book Simplify, Structure and Succeed.

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Gerald Quigley

Milk Thistle, liver, health, gerald quigley

Gerald is our resident expert on herbal remedies and ageing.

Gerald Quigley is a practising Community Pharmacist, as well as an Accredited Herbalist. These joint qualifications give Gerald a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective.

Gerald is a regular contributor to Balance.

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