Deborah’s story

A looming milestone like turning 50 is enough to make any woman want to hide under a rock; quite literally.

Deborah Hutton

For Deborah Hutton turning 50 was going to be one of the most confronting events of 2011- or so she thought.

In December 2010 as her 49th birthday loomed, Deborah decided that she would book a week in idyllic Mexico with some close mates to soften the blow of her 50th birthday celebration. As far as she was concerned, that meant it would be done and dusted with no fuss, no drama….

But that is just where the story begins.

A short time later Deborah was diagnosed with skin cancer and the terror of turning 50 returned with full force when she awoke from surgery with a face full of stitches.

But as always, when faced with adversity Deborah found resolve and took the challenge head-on, seeking out the advice of experts on how she could lessen the probability of the cancer returning.

Throughout the next six months Deborah diligently studied and practiced an approach to her life that completely changed how she viewed her world and most importantly herself.

Deborah’s story was picked up by the press and she was inundated not only with well-wishers but with people wanting to share their own stories of their battle with skin cancer.

Deborah discovered that this challenge wasn’t just about physical health it was about her total wellbeing.

Women’s Weekly Cover, Jan 2012

It was during this time she received a phone call that challenged her even more. Women’s Weekly editor Helen McCabe asked Deborah to celebrate her milestone birthday with a cover shot on the January issue of Women’s Weekly. Having done this before a number of times, Deborah wasn’t too worried but this request had one big difference…. Helen wanted her to be naked!

This was a major challenge and not a decision Deborah made lightly.  But after she made the decision, that was when the real work began… the challenge was how to look her best naked with minimal photoshopping, on the cover of the biggest selling magazine in the country.

And what was unexpected was the hype that this cover created; Deborah had to find the inner strength to deal with criticism and the accolades the cover generated.

The January 2012 cover became one of the most talked about editions of the Weekly and comments around Deborah’s story sent the Twittersphere into meltdown and national TV, newspapers and blogger sites into overdrive.  A post on the Mamamia website attracted over 270 comments alone!

Once again, it confirmed for Deborah that wellbeing was not just a physical condition but a balance of mind, body and spirit. After this Deborah was overwhelmed by the stories that people sent her about their own milestones; many of these people seeking her advice on how they could be at their best while celebrating their upcoming event.

Turning 50, 25th wedding anniversary, school reunion, daughter’s wedding; we all have events that we want to be at our best for, events that force us to take stock of our lives as a whole. What has become apparent is that it is not just about losing weight or looking good; it is also about thinking and feeling good about yourself.

And that is how Balance was born.