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It’s all coming together! Kitchens, cabinets and more…


If you’ve been following my renovation journey, you’ll know that it’s starting to get to the really exciting bit!

The kitchen went in a couple of weeks ago and in the last week, the cabinetry for the laundry, media room and study was also installed.

Check out my updates below or visit http://www.renovationrookie.com.au for all the details!

PS – if you watch these videos, be prepared for some serious storage and kitchen envy!

First, a tour of the kitchen…

Next, all of the downstairs cabinetry is nearly complete.

The ensuite vanity cabinets are installed, nearly ready for the mirrors, benchtop and basins. The vanity top will be the same marble as around the bath. Bathroom tiling progress has slowed down as the recessed areas have to be tiled before the tiling can be finished around them.


Storage, storage, and more storage.

Before embarking on my reno, I never appreciated how built-in joinery helps maximise the space of a room. It’s really the only way to go if you want to utilise every possible space in a practical way ie storage. In the hallway leading to the master bathroom, we’ve utilised a narrow recess by creating shallow depth cupboards. Look at my clever shoe shelves.  The doors to all of the cupboards in the hall and laundry are floor to ceiling v-groove panelling, which creates a really streamlined look along the walls.

Now for the laundry.

Yet more storage. One of the best things I decided to do, was elevate the washer and dyer. No more bending and crouching. Much kinder on the knees and back! My folding area and basin area will be in Cloudburst Caesarstone, the same stone as my kitchen surrounds.


Want to go behind the scenes of my kitchen build?

I’ve learned about the Freedom Kitchens design process and how it gets from page to 3D imaging, but recently I got to go behind the scenes to see what’s involved in the manufacturing stage.

Take a look at my video tour of the Freedom Kitchens manufacturing factory on the NSW central coast.


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