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5 tips to set up a side hustle & 7 principles of time management


By Dale Beaumont

A new report has revealed that an alarming number (87%) of Australians are bored at work and a 2017 report* revealed that at least one in six of these uninspired employees are keen to start their own business. So what’s holding you back?

Time? Money? Confidence?

Business mentor, Dale Beaumont says it doesn’t have to be hard and offers the following steps for anyone keen to set up a side hustle:

1. Find a clear target market that you want to serve.
2. Find a ‘specific problem’ that your market will pay money to solve.
3. Network through the people you know to find your first ten customers.
4. Ask those customers for testimonials, reviews and referrals.

Then, Beaumont suggests, “Get a good coach to help you figure out what to do next”.

When you’re setting up a side hustle, finding time can be the biggest challenge so here are;

7 Ways to make more of your time


1. Introduce Forced Deadlines

2. Utilise Non-Productive Time

3. Focus On What You Do Best

4. Hire A Virtual Assistant

5. Pay For Expert Advice

6. Write Your To-Do List The Night Before

7. Do An Hours Work Before You Check Your Email

Read the full article and find out more at http://dalebeaumont.com/videos/7-ways-smart-business-owners-manage-time/

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