5 Smart Ways to Have Your Beer and Drink It Too


Former NRL champion Adam MacDougall has the advice that all men need to survive the Christmas season without ending up looking like Santa himself.

For those who are dreading the Christmas season, who know they’re going to pile on the kilos through eating and drinking too much and are too busy to exercise, Adam MacDougall proves that after just ten minutes a day you can keep yourself fit and healthy this Christmas and New Year season.

Survival Guide to Drinking Beer

Beer, and alcohol in general, often gets blamed for us being overweight, but it’s really only the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s all the other things we do before and after we have that beer that do the real damage. The fact is the that most of us sit on our arses too much, don’t exercise enough and eat crap food, yet everyone points the finger at beer, like it’s the devil. Well, it’s not. In most cases, alcohol just reinforces a lot of our already established bad habits, such as overeating greasy, crappy food (kebab shop, after the pub) and not moving enough (because you’re so hung-over the next day). It’s easy to blame someone or something, so poor old beer usually cops it, but really, having a few beers or a glass of wine is no problem if you eat well and keep active in your daily life.

5 Smart ways to have your beer and drink it too

  1. Start out well hydrated
    If in doubt, have a glass of water before you crack that tinnie.
  2. Drink a low-carb beer
    There are some good ones on the market now. If spirits are more your thing, use diet soft drinks or water instead of sugary mixers.
  3. Fill up on protein and fibre
    Eat before your drink so you don’t overeat later when your willpower – your insulin sensitivity – is low.
  4. Keep up the H2O
    Aim to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage so you don’t get dehydrated and mistake thirst for hunger.
  5. Avoid sugary, salty snacks
    Not only do they make you thirsty but they play havoc with your blood sugar levels.

These tips come from Adam MacDougall’s The 10-Minute Man (Michael Joseph, $35.00) – A DIY guide to eating, working out and living smarter for everyday Aussie blokes.

In The 10-Minute Man, former NRL champion Adam MacDougall shows how to get the best performance out of your body with super simple workouts that only take 10 minutes, 3- no-fuss recipes for tasty, healthy meals, and smart DIY shortcuts to save your time and money.

Fast, simple and effective exercise programs are complemented by easy and tasty recipes – Man Shepherd’s Pie, Roast with the Most and Smart Schnitty to name a few. In The 10-Minute Man, Adam shows you how to enjoy food and exercise without piling on the kilos.

Proving that keeping things simple gets the best results, Adam also debunks popular health trends including Paleo, crossfit, fasting, juice detoxes and sugar-free diets/

The 10-Minute Man is a fool-proof and fun guide to leading a fitter, healthier and happier life that won’t give you grief for not giving 100% each and every day.

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