5 Smart Foods to Increase Your Sex Drive


Former NRL champion Adam MacDougall has the advice that all men need to survive the Christmas season without ending up looking like Santa himself.

For those who are dreading the Christmas season, who know they’re going to pile on the kilos through eating and drinking too much and are too busy to exercise, Adam MacDougall proves that after just ten minutes a day you can keep yourself fit and healthy this Christmas and New Year season.

Get Your Mojo Back

As the saying goes, use it or lose it, and this is certainly the case with sex. Sex is much like your quad or bicep: if you don’t exercise it, it goes limp, and no one wants to lose their love muscle. A 2008 study, published in The American Journal of Medicine, found that men who had sex once a week were half as likely to suffer erectile dysfunction than those who had sex less frequently. Sex also promotes general health, as it boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart disease and prostate cancer, improves sleep and eases stress.

5 Smart foods to increase your sex drive

    You might have strong breath after eating it but your manhood will also be a lot stronger, with the active ingredient in garlic increasing blood flow to the lower regions, and enhancing the production of testosterone, the master sex hormone for men.
  2. EGGS
    There’s loads of good cholesterol in eggs, which our bodies use to make testosterone. Make sure you eat the whole egg, though, as the libido-boosting cholesterol is in the yolk.
  3. BEEF
    For maximum mojo, make sure it’s grass-fed as some evidence suggests grain-fed cattle contain more oestrogen, which is great if you feel like holding hands and watching Sex and The City, but not so good if you want to get busy.
    Yes, your mum was right, eating your greens will make you strong. These antioxidant powerhouses get the blood pumping, boost testosterone levels and remove oestrogen from the body.
    Get your nuts back with these little beauties; they’re packed full of amino acids that boost sexual performance and minerals such as magnesium, which in one study contributed to a massive 26 per cent increase in testosterone after only four weeks.

These tips come from Adam MacDougall’s The 10-Minute Man (Michael Joseph, $35.00) – A DIY guide to eating, working out and living smarter for everyday Aussie blokes.

In The 10-Minute Man, former NRL champion Adam MacDougall shows how to get the best performance out of your body with super simple workouts that only take 10 minutes, 3- no-fuss recipes for tasty, healthy meals, and smart DIY shortcuts to save your time and money.

Fast, simple and effective exercise programs are complemented by easy and tasty recipes – Man Shepherd’s Pie, Roast with the Most and Smart Schnitty to name a few. In The 10-Minute Man, Adam shows you how to enjoy food and exercise without piling on the kilos.

Proving that keeping things simple gets the best results, Adam also debunks popular health trends including Paleo, crossfit, fasting, juice detoxes and sugar-free diets/

The 10-Minute Man is a fool-proof and fun guide to leading a fitter, healthier and happier life that won’t give you grief for not giving 100% each and every day.

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