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5 Important ground rules to get you ready for a meaningful relationship

  1. If you have a history of being a Pleaser in a relationship then it is time to take stock and start to please you! Having an equal relationship is important where each person takes responsibility within the relationship.  This makes a much more balanced situation where you can blossom and prosper individually and as a couple.


  1. Make sure you keep your self-esteem strong by doing things that make you feel good about yourself. Whether it is doing that writing course or joining the local gym class.  Keep a sense of independence so you can enjoy being in the relationship knowing you haven’t got all your eggs in one basket. Remember, you are not joined at the hip too!


  1. Communication is key to the success and security of your relationship. Don’t guess what your partner is thinking or wants. Discuss about how you want to spend your time together knowing that compromise sometimes is important but equally your voice needs to be heard. Don’t bottle things up and assume your partner can read your mind – because they can’t!. Agree with each other that when either of you feels unhappy you have a sign such as writing a sentence down ‘we need to talk’ or send a text message that you are feeling unsafe and need some reassurance.  Start your conversation by agreeing to be kind to each other and keep the tone calm.


  1. Keep date nights flowing on a regular basis, so you don’t get bogged down with the stresses and strains of life too much. Go out of your normal environment so you can enjoy being somewhere fresh and new. Your mind enjoys creating new experiences that are fun and interesting and it keeps the mind stimulated too! So next time you think you’ll try somewhere new to explore and your mind says ‘no’ go out of your comfort zone as a couple. It will give you new things to talk about and new experiences to store great memories with.


  1. Don’t let your past relationships hinder the one you are planning to be in. Everyone has a relationship history and everyone has baggage.  Accept that it takes some patience and mutual respect to discover people’s pasts and honour that this makes them who they are.  Nobody should feel less than anyone else because of the journey we have been on.  Use these moments as being positive, as they will help you evolve as a couple, ready to take on whatever you need to embrace.



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