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Over 40s beauty tip: How to put your best bust forward


Like the skin on our face, our décolletage requires care and attention.

Ageing effects such as loss of oil and elasticity combined with the harsh effects of the sun can result in premature ageing in the chest and neck area.

To improve the appearance of your décolletage, a simple but effective beauty routine will help to protect and improve the chest area and prevent further damage.

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1. Sunscreen:
The chest area is one of the most UV exposed areas of the body and therefore suffers harsh sun damage when exposed over time. To combat this be sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen when your neck or chest is uncovered. This is a must even in cloudy weather – those rays will still be damaging you.

Moisturise:  Combat the ageing process with daily use of a rich moisturising cream.  Beauty experts suggest a formula that includes antioxidants, skin-repairing and cell-communicating and anti-inflammatory agents.

Hydrate:  Ageing reduces our ability to retain water which equates to more wrinkles.  Hydration is so important – if you’re dehydrated on the inside, the skin on the outside will be too.

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Cleanse:  Include an amino acid-rich body wash to reduce redness/inflammation and remove toxins from your chest and body.

Exfoliate:  Remove the build-up of dead skin cells, promote circulation and help to create firm, smooth skin on the neck and chest.  Cleansing devices such as the Clarisonic come with a body brush to help to buff away the build-up of dead skin cells and pores that are blocked with dirt.

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