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Did we need a survey to tell us over 50s are more active?


A recent survey commissioned by Apia Insurance confirms what we’ve always known – over 50s are becoming more proactive about their health.

Our desire to enter our “third age” with gusto is one of the reasons Balance was born.

Forget retiring to our armchair or pottering in the garden, we want a life full of adventure, health and happiness.

And apparently, we’re not the only ones. The APIA survey has shown that an overwhelming number of Australians over 50 are proactively redefining and taking control of the way they age, instead of just accepting what may have once been the status quo.

The national survey discovered that 9 in 10 (90%) Aussies over 50 will take personal measures to take control of how they age, while almost 2 in 5 (43%) will take further practical actions.

Most commonly, these personal measures include maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay physically able (78%), keeping up social interactions with family and friends (69%) and staying active in the community (42%). In addition, over 50s are also taking practical action through downsizing homes (26%) and getting help with everyday tasks (25%). Overall, almost half (49%) of over 50s say simplifying their lives helps them to feel more in control of their ageing.

Head of Apia Customer Value, Geoff Keogh, said, “Growing older shouldn’t mean we have to accept everything that is typically associated with getting ‘old’. As our research demonstrates, today’s over 50s are indeed choosing proactivity over passiveness when it comes to their ageing. They are making simple choices to make sure they’re in a position to enjoy the next chapter

What choices are you making in your third age?

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