20 Words That Will Instantly Reveal Your Age


Whether you’re a baby-boomer or Gen X, you’re wasting your expensive, age-concealing moisturiser unless you strike these ancient words from your vocabulary ASAP!

The cool cats of the 1960s would say “ditto” when they agreed with someone. Now it’s a shape-changing Pokemon Go character. “Me too” or “Same here” will do just fine.

Someone very old fashioned, out of touch, and probably a bit uptight in general. Close relation of “A stick in the mud”. This one will date you pretty quick, so be careful with it. Today, “old fart” (still in use!) or just “boring person” may do the job instead.

A long gone home service referring to a man who home-delivered chilled milk bottles to your front door. The fact that most husbands were traditionally at work by this time, ‘the milkman’ became the subject of risqué jokes about adultery and paternity.

Take a chill pill
No such drug existed but it could be a cheeky reference to a 70s hallucinogenic. Nowadays just say “You need to caaaaalm down!”

To the max!
When something is taken to the extreme, and it couldn’t possibly be more wild or crazy, you have reached the maximum level of awesomeness. Example: “We’re gonna party to the max tonight!”

The vibe when things just got serious. Too serious. Then you maybe you had to take a chill pill.

Far out!
An exclamation of surprise and amazement, often used after a drawn-out “Woahhh”. “Wow” now covers nearly every surprising situation.

You’re understanding it, or into it. As in “I really dig the Rolling Stones new album”, or calling attention to something, “Dig this!”

A versatile, uniquely Australian word meaning uncool, embarrassing, unfashionable or dishevelled. Today’s Millennial equivalent is ‘cringey’. Just say unfashionable, or embarrassing.

Any alcohol. For example, if you hit the booze too much you’ll get a booze belly.

Not all there
A sometimes sympathetic, but totally judgemental insult about someone’s mental state. Example: “Poor thing, she’s not all there” about the woman grocery shopping in her bedroom slippers. Or, for someone acting a bit crazy. Australians love expanding on a good insult, so this grew into “A few snags short of a barbie” or “A few sandwiches short of a picnic” and many more.

Air hostess
The traditionally female assistants who tended to the plane passengers’ needs. Now males are employed as well so we use the gender-neutral term “flight attendant”.

Tape it
To record audio or video. This one’s a hard habit to break but an immediate age-definer. We used to say: “I’m not going to be home tonight to watch ‘Dynasty.’ Could you tape it for me?” Now you download onto your device or record on your smart TV.

A cassette tape of recorded songs as a tribute to someone or something. Often a romantic gesture in the 80’s and 90’s until CDs ruined the concept. Now it’s a Spotify or iTunes “playlist”.

This portable music device with lightweight headphones revolutionised outdoor exercise. Teens now had a real excuse to pretend not to hear their parents. Walkmans ran on batteries and played music cassettes. Now we listen to our iPod or iPhone.

A land-wired, or fixed-line telephone, limiting mobility while chatting to the length of the curly telephone cord. It’s estimated landlines may become obsolete in most households within our lifetime.

Communication device linked to landline (see above). “Phone” is still acceptable and can refer to a home phone (landline) or mobile.

Surf the Web
A 90s term for spending time on the internet. An instant age-definer. Now we just browse websites or Google something.

The pictures
The movie theatre. Just say “We’re going to the movies”.

One of the most iconic hairstyles of all times loved by women, men and grandmas worldwide. A chemical-heat-roller treatment to create ‘permanent’ wave or curls. Think Cher, Julie Roberts, Whitney Houston, David Hasselhoff, Madonna. FYI we’re in luck my fellow limp-haired friends, the 2018 perm is BACK!

Some boomer and Gen X jargon had a comeback, perhaps tongue-in-cheek by today’s retro-loving hipsters.  You can still hear young people say hip, groovy and cool. Hold onto a few funny ones to share a smile with your fellow boomers or GenXers. Enjoy your day to the max!

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